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Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2022


"It's all about art and music" 

DEC 16, 2022 — JAN 28, 2023

Opening reception:
 Thursday, DEC 15, 6pm — 9pm 

LAGE EGAL [GW34/35] 
Greifswalder Str. 34, 
10405 Berlin
Contact: sonderlage@lage-egal.net
In short, we have decided to extend the previous exhibition MÄDCHEN MIT SCHALLPLATTE until end of January 2023 by keeping a selection of relevant pieces, adding new ones — and to rename it in WALL OF SOUND. 
This new exhibition is the result of an open call for music-related artworks and brings together 100 artworks of more than 70 artists with paintings or drawings of album covers or song texts, sculptures, objects, limited editions of records, tapes, posters...  

WALL OF SOUND is about the role that music can play, both symbolically and as references to historical and contemporary contexts of experimental, jazz and rock music. It shows that music can be used as a political instrument or as a representation of a certain period, but can also provide an opportunity to come together. In this way, the exhibition WALL OF SOUND aims to make visible the diverse artistic voices that make up the Berlin art landscape.

Angelika Arendt, Hannah Becher, Andreas Becker, Viola Bendzko, Roland Boden, Betty Böhm, Andreas Burger, Corentin Canesson, Diego Castro, André Catarino, Albert Coers, Francisco Da Mata, Ursula Döbereiner, Mirjam Dorsch, Knut Eckstein, Alexandra Erlhoff, Nadine Fecht, Frederik Foert, Peter Freitag, Tom Früchtl, Jane Garbert, Gfeller + Hellsgard, Lukas Glinkowski, Maurus Gmür, Marco Goldenstein, Ben Greber, Malcom Green, Jens Hanke, Peter Hartinger, Gregor Hildebrandt, Birgit Hölmer, Daniel Hoflund, Alekos Hofstetter, Julien Hübsch, Marianna Ignataki, Jase Kala, Patrick Kaufmann, Klaus Killisch, Astrid Köppe, Annekatrin Lemke, Lukas Liese, Ignacio Lobera, Catherine Lorent, Barbara Lüdde, Frank Maier, Jules Maillot, Rei Matsushima, Matthias Mayer, Anna Mieves, NIHILS, Justine Otto, Andrea Pichl, Matthias Pilsz, Kristina Popov, Franziska Reinbothe, Franz Schmidt, Nina E. Schönefeld, Marcus Sendlinger, Soji Shimizu, Martin Skauen, Charlie Stein, Songwen Sun-von Berg, Philip Topolovac, Anke Völk, Helena Walter, Witte Wartena, Sador 
Weinsčlucker, Linda Weiss, Claudio Wichert, Albrecht Wild, Markus Willeke, Ila Wingen, René Wirths...

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