aktuelle Ausstellung | current exhibition

Freitag, 9. März 2018

Yukiko Koide Presents is pleased to participate in ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO.
On this occasion, she mounts an exhibition “Phytography” with three female artists who have developed their unique styles and brilliant techniques to portray flowers and plants.
Exhibiting artists are Yukiko Hayashida (b.1961, Japan) who does traditional Japanese-style painting with natural mineral pigments, Astrid Köppe (b.1974, Germany) who specializes in exquisitely contoured drawings in ink and pencil, and Saya Yamagishi (b.1981, Japan) who produces jewel-like objects with Japanese lacquer.
They each pursue their own “Phytography.”
In addition, powerful drawings by legendary outsiders, such as Dwight Mackintosh (1906-1999, USA), Oswald Tschirtner (1920-2007, Austria), Dan Miller (b.1961, USA), and Donald Mitchell (b. 1951, USA) will greet you in the foyer.