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Sonntag, 30. September 2018

The Cosmic Garden

In a Garden of the "cosmic" kind featuring artists from Portland, Chicago, Brooklyn, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Kyoto and back to Milan, Orticolario, the annual horticulture event on Lake Como, will preview on the 4th of October. The public opening is from 5 - 7 October, 9.00 am-7.00 pm daily. Events and activities in and around horticulture, art, music and fine fare warm up the fall weather on one of the most elegant and beautiful locations in the world. What else?
The Cosmic Garden, located in Room #53 on Cernobbio Alley at Villa Erba, is an exhibition about artists who investigate the natural qualities in both the science of horticulture and nature’s infinite creativity.  Through various media, the participating artists take the visitor into a garden of visual poetry; a garden of the unfamiliar; a garden of metaphors.
From microscopic perspectives to cosmic space, our
interpretations abound and our respect for nature strengthens. Is horticulture part of this evolution? How do artists play a part in that process? The Cosmic Garden suggests that artists not only reflect on, but engage in nature’s astonishing creativity.


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